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The Header section is designed to serve as the primary navigation and interaction hub at the top of your Shopify store's pages. This section is highly configurable, supporting features like search, social media links, customer account links, and shopping cart integration. It can be tailored to align with the brand’s style and functional needs.


Section Configuration:


Navigation Menus:

Main MenuSelect the primary navigation menu for your store
Second MenuOptionally choose a secondary navigation menu. This can be used for additional links or for special categories.


Social Links:

Show Social LinksA checkbox to toggle the visibility of social media links in the header.


Logo Customization:

LogoUpload a logo image.
Logo PositionChoose between left or center alignment for the logo.
Logo Desktop WidthSet the width of the logo when viewed on desktop devices.
Logo Mobile WidthSet the width of the logo when viewed on mobile devices
Logo SpacingAdjust the space around the logo.


Search Functionality:

Show SearchToggle to enable a search bar in the header
Predictive SuggestionsEnable predictive search suggestions to enhance user experience.
Search Banner One & TwoConfigure up to two promotional banners that can appear in the search dropdown. Each banner can have its own link and setting to open in a new window.


Shopping Cart:

Show CartToggle to display the shopping cart icon.
Cart PositionChoose the cart icon's position in the header, either at the top or bottom


Header Behavior:

Sticky HeaderSelect the behavior of the header when scrolling. Options include none, always sticky, sticky on scroll up, or sticky on scroll.


Aesthetic Settings:

Color SchemeChoose a color scheme for the header to match or contrast with your store's design theme.