Documentation v1.0.0

Announcement bar:

The Announcement bar is an optional feature that can be displayed at the top of every page on your storefront. When enabled, it will remain visible on all pages of your store. This highly visible location is ideal for displaying important information to your customers, such as announcements, promotions, sales, and news. It is a great way to grab the attention of your visitors and encourage them to take action.


Section settings - Announcement bar:

  1. Go to “Customize Theme.”
  2. At the top of the page, click on the dropdown to select the Home page template.
  3. From the left side menu, select "Announcement Bar"
  4. Customize this section using the settings shown in the following table.


Customize section settings:

Show only on home pageEnable "Show only on homepage" to display the announcement only on the home page.
Show close buttonUse "Show close button" to show or hide the dismiss button that closes announcements.
Countdown timer

Click the enable button to enable the countdown timer in the Announcement Bar.

Text: Set the text message to display once the timer reaches zero.

End date: Type the date you want the countdown to end. The format must be used as follows: yyyy-mm-dd.

End text:  Set any end text. This shows when the end date elapses.

Scroll Settings

Adjust the scroll settings using the following options:

Direction: Change the announcement bar direction from left to right or right to left.

Speed: Set the announcement read time between 10 and 100 seconds; the announcements will rotate.

Pause on hover:  Enable "Pause on hover" to pause the announcement bar on mouse hover.

Color SchemeChoose a set of colors to apply to this section.


Block Settings - Announcement bar:

Click on "Add Announcement" to include multiple announcements.

The settings for each announcement block are:

HeadingAdd the title for the announcement block.
SubheadingInclude the sub-heading text to display in the announcement block. Utilize the inline-rich text editor to make the text bold or italicized, or to add an internal/external link.